Commercial Truck & Van Leases

PRHELCO understands the need for corporate separation from independent owner/operators while maintaining quality service to your customers.

Corporate Sponsor Snapshot

  • We can source any vehicle
  • Leases are assumable
  • Lease is done directly between PRHELCO and owner/operator
  • You control maintenance funds

Here are some common questions we hear from corporate sponsors:

What kind of vehicles can you source for my owner/operators?

PRHELCO can source any vehicle but some of the most common vehicles we lease are:

  • Straight trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Sprinters
  • Transit Connect’s
  • Cargo Vans

What are the terms of your leases?

Leases are short term, with no lease over 3 years.

Can the owner/operator lease-to-own?

Absolutely.  All leases are lease-to-own with a nominal buyout at the end of the term.

How is vehicle maintenance handled?

We require that every corporate sponsor offer a maintenance escrow fund to the owner/operators.  This way you control how the money is being spent.

How do I get started?

First, a sponsorship agreement must be in place with your company before we can lease an Owner/Operator a vehicle.

Contact us by clicking here to get your sponsorship agreement